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The deep forest, the eternal snow mountains and the neverending Altiplano offer to us a variety of ecosystems; flore and faune unique in the world.
Sailing on the lake Titikaka, at 12,500 ft, apreciating the natural reserve where more than 60 species of birds and ducks live in the middle of seaweed and reed, Comptemplating the impressive plateaus of the llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, tarucas, chinchillas and
other species contrasting againt the yellow andean grass, cactus and flowers of La Puna. It is a place where the nature has no limit, and where people preserves and keeps the natural cicles.

Day 1.- Reception at the Airport of Juliaca. Transfer to Puno, visiting the Chullpas of Sillustani. Arrival to Puno. Overnight.
Day 2.- Pick-up and transfer to the Port of Puno. Boat to the Uros islands. Continuing to Taquile island. Then, continuing along the big and deepest part of the lake, in the way to Suasi island, perfect place to apreciate the flore and faune of the region. Overnight.
Day 3.- Visit to the community of Cambria front of the island, accompanied by a tourist guide, walking around and riding in a row-boat. Sunset and overnight in Suasi.
Day 4.- Return to Puno, passing by Chifron, a nice sandy cost where the bus will be waiting to take us to the Airport.

Day 1.- Reception and transfer from the Airport to the Hotel, visit to Sillustani in the way.
Day 2.- Departure on boat to the Uros floating islands. Continuing to the Peninsula of Capachica, to arrive to the village of Llachón, a population that lives with the andean principles. Then, continuing to Suasi islands, getting on the big lake, with magnifique landscapes in the way. Overnight.
Day 3.- After breakfast, riding in a boat in direction to Taquile island, where they live the descendents of the inkas. Lunch, and return to Puno.
Day 4.- Transfer out to the Airport or Bus station.

Day 1.- Reception and transfer to the Hotel. Stop in Sillustani site in the way.
Day 2.- Tour to the Uros floating islands, then visit to Chucuito, Pomata and arriving to Punta Hermosa Port (Yunguyo) to aboard the boat to Anapia Island. Reception and overnight in the Community place.
Day 3.- After breakfast, we take a sailing boat to visit La Isla de la Agricultura, then Yuspique island, also known as the island of vicuñas, where there are some ruins (chullpas) as well. Pic-nic on the sandy beach. Overnight.
Day 4.- Departure to Copacabana, to take the road bach to Puno, or to make the connection to La Paz(Bolivia).

Note: Ask for a shorter or larger program according your time.

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Welcome  Trips in the Titicaca  Our Tours  Customized Tours  |  Festivals  |  Information