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Man of Altiplano was made in the hard conditions of weather and his body and soul were fortified in time. He himself developed a great tecnology in handycrafts, cuttle activity and agriculture, becoming a wise man.
The magnificence inside himself was reflected in the art of ceramic, sculpture, arquitecture and music that have no comparation. A culture that is very alive, taking history in it,
fusioning races, time and other influences. Quechua and aymara populations are living today ready to share with you all and every new day of their life in this authentic space.

14 D/13N
Day 1.- Reception at the Airport in Juliaca (at noon). Transfer to Llachón, located in Capachica Peninsula. Accomodation in the houses of the community. Lunch and rest of the day at leisure. Meal with the family. Over night.
Dia 2.- Breakfast. Walking to de ruins of the site and comptemplation of nature. Picnic on the beach. Continuing to Amantani island. Climbing up to the Pachatata. Ceremony of offering to mother earth. Meal and over night on the island.
Day 3.- After breakfast, leaving to Taquile island, visit to the town to apreciate the fine simbols of textils. Tipical lunch and departure in boat to the reed floating islans. Over night on one of them.
Day 4.- From very early, it is possible to see and participate on the daily activities of this people, such as fishing, hunting and making of reed boats. Lunch. Boat to Chucuito town, old capital of Lupaka kingdom. Visit to temple to the fertility. Return to Puno. Overnight.
Day 5.- Breakfast. Departure to Calacala. Visit to Sillustani in the way. Box lunch . Camping. Overnight.
Day 6.- All day visit to the National Reserve of Vicuñas, also possible to see the cuttle activity on place at 13,000 ft of altitud.
Day 7.- After visiting neighbouring communities, return to Puno.
Day 8.- Bus to Copacabana. In the afternoon, walking up to La Orca del Inka, la Silla del Inka and the temple of the Virgen of Copacabana. Overnight.
Day 9.- Tour to the Island of the Moon and the southern part of the Island of the Sun. Overnight on the island.
Day 10.- Walking toward the sacred rock, the sun rock and the ruins of silver.
Day 11.- Return to Copacabana. Continuing to La Paz.
Day 12.- Day at leisure in La Paz. Time for shopping and visit to the city.
Day 13.- Return to Puno. Visit to Tiahuanako ruins in the way. Overnight in Puno.
Day 14.- Transfer out to the Airport or Bus / Train station.
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Welcome  Trips in the Titicaca  Our Tours  Customized Tours  |  Festivals  |  Information