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The lake Titikaka, “female energetic point of the Earth” sets at 13,500 ft. The lake goddess is allways waiting for the pilgrim to come to renovate his soul in these sacred waters, the Gran Pacarina “where the life is born” where the univers was created from.
The Altiplano and its energy radiated in temples of wisdom and love... can be still seen in Sillustani or Ajayumarka’s gate (Aramumuru), the enigmatic and misterious
islands of Taquile and Amantani or Copamaya and the Apus (gards) of these high lands designed for the eternity. Your spiritual path around this region will be impressed of comtemplation, meditation and celebration of rites and ceremonies, wich will change your life forever...


Day 1.- Reception and transfer from the Airport to the Hotel. Brieffing. Rest of the day al leisure.
Day 2.- Visit and pilgrimage to Sillustani site and Umayo lagoon. Meditation in the sacred place, and comptemplation on the flore and faune of the area.
Dia 3.- Tour to de City of Mistery. Stop in Chucuito town to contact the Temple to the Fertility. Then, arrival to Ajayu Marka (city of spirits) where is the dimensional gate Aramumuru. Offering to the Guards of light. Returning to Puno, passing by Copamaya where the message of nature is impressed in the rocks.
Day 4.- Departure in a boat to Uros islands. Visit and continuing to Amatani. After reception and lunch, climbing to the Pachatata sanctuary, situated at the top of the island. Sunset on the lake. Overnight.
Day 5.- Visit to Taquile island, where many usings and traditions were preserved from the Incan epoque. Return to Puno.
Day 6.- Tour to Pukara and visit and salutation to the sunk temple. Continuing to the valley of rock Tinajani to interprate the magical language of nature.
Day 7.- Transfer in bus to Cusco or Tiahuanaco (Bolivia).

Note: Ask for more information about circuits in Bolivia to continue your pilgrimage around the Andes.

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Welcome  Trips in the Titicaca  Our Tours  Customized Tours  |  Festivals  |  Information