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The Wirakocha Route

A better choice to cross the Altiplano to arrive to the Valley of Cusco, old capital of the Inka Empire. In a 390 km route there are plenty of sites to visit, arqueological sites and other nice places that only nature can offer.
The route begins in your hotel in Puno, early morning, to take to way to Juliaca City, at 45 km from Puno, then it continues to Pukara, famous town by the ceramic and the “torito de Pukara” and also because it was there where the first culture of the Altiplano developped, dated in 1,600 BC. Then, before arriving to Ayaviri, we take a deviation to get into the Tinajani Canyon, hutch rock formations that make fantastic shapes of monolits and nice contransting colours. Then we will continue crossing the plateau with its faune and human presence in everywhere, watching from near the alpacas and llamas.
Going along the route, we will stop on the highest point: La Raya, at 4,335 metres avobe the sea level, borderline point between Puno and Cusco Regions.
From this hight point the way goes down and gets in the beggining of the valley of Vilcanota, where it is the Great complex dedicated to Wiracocha God, in Raqchi.
Aproaching the Imperial City, we stop in Andahuaylillas, to admire the rich internal decoration of the little church, known as the Sixtine Chapel of the Andes.
Late in the afternoon, we arrive to Cusco “the world’s navel” of the Inkas, the great Capital founded by Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, children of the Sun, emerged from the lake Titikaka...

Welcome  Trips in the Titicaca  Our Tours  Customized Tours  |  Festivals  |  Information